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Apple iPhone 5 – One More Handset, A Part Of Rumour Mill

Author: David Boon

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Apple Iphone 5 is coming. Apple Inc. has become a glorious mobile brand in the market due to its hard work shown on its mobile phones. Today there will be no mobile phone user who has not heard about Apple mobile phones. Apple’s latest addition, iPhone 4 has completely knocked out so many branded handsets by its beauty and features.

These days a new Apple phone, Apple iPhone 5 is one more name added in the list of rumoured handsets is making people anxious with every new day. There are many rumours swirling in the market about the fifth generation of Apple iPhone. Apple Inc. has not announced any thing regarding Apple iPhone 5 yet but it is quite true that the handset will be a successor of iPhone 4. It seems the brand is trying to en-cash the rumours about its new handset so that it can get maximum attention in the market.

Right now, there is no clue about Apple iPhone 5 deals that which network is going to support the handset on its arrival. Presently it is very difficult to say that when the clouds of suspense will disappear over the Apple iPhone 5 and its associated deals. There are some mobile phone websites that are displaying the leaked images of iPhone 5 and providing some of the leaked tech specs. According to those leaked tech specs, for the very first time Apple’s iPhone is going to have bigger screen than 3.5 inches. That means we can imagine Apple iPhone 5 adorned with 4.0 or 4.3 inches display screen. Furthermore, the new handset is expected to be running the latest iOS, most probably iOS 4.3.

The handset will be powered by dual core Apple A5 CPU instead of single core processor. After Samsung, Apple is going to introduce NFC support in its new iPhone 5 plus better graphics. The camera resolution is also expected to be of improved quality. The most unusual thing what we came across is that new iPhone 5 will be supporting 4G(LTE) network along with 2G and 3G networks. If by any chance, all these rumours are going to be real then we can imagine that how much technically advance mobile phone is going to hit the market. But, until and unless Apple Inc. announces anything regarding Apple iPhone 5, all these features are just like castle in the air. At present we can just wait patiently for the fifth iteration of iPhone.

Therefore, the existence of iPhone 5 deals are completely dependent on the announcements made by Apple Inc. Once, some concrete facts about the existence of iPhone 5 will be available in the market, network providers will start their work on iPhone 5 deals. So, stay connected with us and find out the latest updates about Apple iPhone 5, a new sensational handset from Apple.

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